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A very popular game in keeping with who seem to be the best providers in recent time, Williams Interactive (WMS). This is one of the so-called 'Moneyburst' WMS games, which includes Glitz and Fortunes Of The Caribbean and is instantly recognizable by it's 2 small reels of 2 symbols on the left, and bigger ones to the right.

Bruce Lee is a 60-line slot with a minimum bet of 30c. The first 2x2 grid of reels are actually 4 individual ones, and for the last 3 reels of 5 positions to count you need at least one symbol on the left and right of the 2x2 to match.

The Bruce Lee symbol is the wild on all reels and stacked on reels 3,4,5. There are 2 separate features involving 5 free spins, and should they get triggered simultaneously (about 1/70,000 chance) you get the third feature of 20 free spins, paying normally a large amount.

Should you get all the first 4 symbols matching, you are given 5 free spins with them all held, of course hoping for stacked 'Bruces' to appear on the reels 3,4,5. There is no guarantee you win anything. The second feature is triggered by 3 treasure chests scattered on 3,4,5. You get 5 free spins whereby you are guaranteed at least one full stacked wild on reel 3,4,5 and the other two will have at least 1 wild. This can also pay zero, but is usually far more generous than the former 5 spins.

The holy grail on this game is to hit both features at once, the first 4 symbols same/wild and then the 3 treasure chests on 3,4,5. You get 20 free spins with the first 4 symbols held and the guaranteed full stack of wild on 3,4, or 5 with the other 2 showing at least one wild. This can pay a 'big win' every single one of the 20 spins, especially if you are fortunate enough to have a wild on the left and right of the 2x2 reels. This is not uncommon, as to trigger the 2x2 part of the bonus, wilds often form part of this 2x2 hit.

As said above, this is a rare hit and this game is very high-variance with many dead spins, but decent base game hits when you land those wilds on the big reels. Bruce Lee can be very generous to his friends, but ruthless to those he is not favouring. Your balance can drop quicker than his opponents did!

But if you think this game is high variance, wait until you try the Double Moneyburst games like Elvis The King Lives and the excellent Fire Queen - great games but go very, very carefully as they can munch your money even faster on a bad day!